• L.P.G.
    • Sextuple safety valve.
    • Glass dashboard.
    • Battary level indication.
    • Digital.
    • Avilabity to operate on 220 volt.
  • Universal Caesar gas water heater add beauty and luxury to the interior design of the place, with more luxuries to facilitate using, such as Working automatically on the less water pressure, the ability to control temperature, digital temperature indication.

  • the device secure the complete safety during operating with Sextuple safety factors like automatic shut down when water cut off, Automatic shut down when fire turn off for any reason, Anti-burning thermo disk, Water pressure safety valve, Electronic circuit to shut down after 20 minutes, and ON/OFF Key.

  • the device provide the ability to use either the home electricity or the 2 batteries to safe money.
Contains of the factors of safety for protection Yes
Water senor to shut down at water cut Yes
Safety valve for high water pressure Yes
Control the temperature and water pressure Yes
Digital Temperature indicator Yes
Heater works with gas LPG and natural gas LPG (can be converted into NG)
Sextuple factors of safety Yes
Thermostat against high temperature Yes
Closes automatically when the fire turns off for any reason Yes
Electronic safety circuit to shut down after 20 minutes Yes
CO Sensor Yes
Chimeny No
On/Off Key Yes
Works automatically with the water pressure Yes
Power supply 220Volt or Two dry batteries 1,5 volt D size
Battary level indicator Yes
Working on less water pressure Yes
The form is beautiful and smooth Yes
Made from high quality raw materials Yes
Rated capacity 6 LT
Full warranty 1 Year
Types AAS
(HxWxD) mm 445*205*345
Colors Blue/Red glass & Silver body