Universal is one of Egypt's largest employers providing work for some 4,890 people nationally. Our highly specialized management, technical, and design teams produce state-of-the-art products, supported by a very strong and highly efficient after-sales service department. Our eight fully efficient and successful companies make us the number one home appliance manufacturers in the Middle East. 

Universal uniquely designed products are enjoyed in 10,000,000 homes worldwide. Their high quality and long-lasting durability make them an excellent value and a natural choice for our customers. 

To make our products available to our customers around the globe, Universal has developed an extensive distribution system that serves Egypt locally with almost 2,500 certified dealers and 25 maintenance offices. Worldwide Universal has 400 dealers and 30 maintenance offices operating through agencies in 42 countries with representative offices in Italy, United Arab Of Emirates and China covering the entire Middle East, all of Africa, Europe, Central Asia and Australia.