When Dr. Youssry Kotb conceived his vision of the home-appliance giant that universal has now become, he understood that such dreams required great determination and strength.
Within two decades, he not only witnessed his dreams reality, but used his creative energy to push Universal's achievements beyond that dream.

Universal embraces the future with strength and pride as it rests securely on the accomplishments and legacies of its founding father. Despite Universal's consistent and continual growth , Dr. Kotb still insists that it remain a family business and in furtherance of this objective the business will pass to his two sons who share their father's passion and dedication.

  • 1984

    The year of inception. Universal or "Universal Gas Cookers" as it was then known, started life with the solitary product - the free standing classic gas cooker - and one factory covering 15.000 m2. From these modest beginnings Universal have now grown to take their rightful place as a leader in the gas cooker industry.

  • 1994

    Was the year Universal achieved 50% supply self-sufficiency following their successful expansion into the metal and raw material industry. Their available factory space grew to 26.000 m2.

  • 2000

    Was the year in which Universal's floor space massively to a breathtaking 74.000 m2. A third company "Universal Electronic Techniques" was formed to pioneer universal's high-tech advancement into the new millennium. The range of Universal appliances was expanded to include fully automatic washing machines and gas cooker hoods all available through their newly created local distribution companies. Global exports of Universal products now begin in earnest.

  • 2003

    Saw two major additions to their home appliances range as the semi-automatic and mini washing machine are introduced. The increase of factory floor space to a total of 118.000 m2 helped to celebrate Universal's clear at the top of its industry.

    This year not only saw universal become entirely self-sufficient in metal and other raw materials, but also witnessed their transition as a materials supplier to other industries through their new company, "Universal Metal industries". Universal launched a newly developed gas cooker whose unique design exhibited the modern features and superior quality for which Universal are known.

  • 2004

    Universal establishes a fourth company "Universal Engineering industry" managed by uniquely talented engineers and designers to concentrate on product development and sustainability. Their first successes were with innovative design for the Bombay gas cooker and the introduction of a new product for the home appliances division, the classical gas heater.

    This year was also marked by further important additions to Universal's home appliance range as their microwave oven and the "built-in" series of appliances - products which Universal pioneered in the Arab world.- were introduced. It was also the year in which Universal presented the market with their new, ultimate design gas cooker, called "Diamond", two new companies were formed, "Universal Support and Development" and " Universal Carton and Paper".

  • 2006

    Universal now boasts a group with 8 companies under it wing and 250.000 m2 of factory floor space, employing 4.890 individuals, By 2014 Universal Group reach a head count of 13500 employees.

The universal product range is fully redeveloped every two years and Universal products can be found in 10 million homed worldwide.
Continues to advance with the same zest, passion and commitment as when it started.