Buying a Washing Machine

Choosing a washing machine should be an easy job, shouldn't it? It's not one of life's more important decisions, but you will be using your washing machine for many years, so it's worth careful consideration. Our Washing Machines Buying Guide will help make your decision the right one.

Types of Washing Machines:
There are two basic types of washing machines: Top loading washing machines and Front loading washing machines. Each of these has its advantages.Newer, high-efficiency top loading washing machines require less water because they tumble, agitate, lift and drop the laundry during the wash cycle. They also have faster spin cycles, which results in faster drying times.

Space Saving
Along with not having to allow space for an agitator, front-loading washing machines allow you to stack the dryer on top of them. The only way this can be accomplished with a top-loading machine is if you have the dryer mounted on a shelf high enough to allow you to open the washer lid.

Front-loading machines get to work as soon as you start them up. As the clothes tumble, water starts spraying onto them. When the water level reaches a certain level, the clothes dip into and out of the pool of water at the base of the bowl. This saves a great deal of water: an important consideration in these resources and energy conservation-conscious times.

Wear and Tear
Front loading washing machines tumble clothes, while top-loading washers agitate them. Front-loading machines are therefore much gentler on your wash than top loaders.

Auto Balancing
Better washing machines have automatic balancing features that save you the chore of having to re-adjust the load if it gets out of balance. There is nothing more frustrating than coming back to the machine and finding that it shut off mid-cycle because all the clothes got heaped up on one side of the tub during a spin cycle.