Constant Adaptation

Creating a global presence offers little competitive advantage unless a company can quickly apply lessons learned in one region to challenges or opportunities it finds in another. Our goal is to be recognized, trusted and respected as one of the world's top corporate citizens. Doing this requires strong financial and ethical performance based firmly on the principle that "there's no right way to do a wrong thing".

To ensure meeting this objective in our daily operations, Universal's management and employees share the following principles:

  • To design, develop, manufacture, and market only quality household appliances and equipment.
  • To develop products that assure high quality, competitive trust designs and household appliances that address the concerns of today's hectic and busy lifestyle.
  • To keep abreast of and apply the latest state of the art in design and manufacturing methods.
  • To assure customers of a dependable source of products and services on a timely basis.
  • To continue our responsibility to the customer beyond the point of sale with prompt and efficient service.
  • To conduct all transactions with honesty and truthfulness, avoiding the exchange of favors, excessive entertainment, gifts, or personal gratuities that would hamper the independence of either party or adversely affect the sound business basis of any transaction.
  • We believe that one of our most important duties to our customers is to be in business tomorrow, and the only way that this can be accomplished is to sell our product at a fair profit.