Vision and Mission

It is our continuing goal to derive corporate strength from what we believe is the only true measure of success; a synergy of products and people resulting in solutions that exactly match our customers' needs, coupled with quality manufacturing, efficiency and a high level of discipline. Universal will be highly competitive in the global market and will be able to endure the test of time.

Our mission is one shared by every member of our team; to be a leader in the home appliance and equipment industry at many levels.

In achieving our mission our specific goals are to:

  • Be acknowledged as a "World Class" benchmark supplier.
  • Be the "Best" in engineering and manufacturing.
  • Be responsible and driven by our Customer's "Quality, Cost and Delivery" requirements and expectations.
  • Be a "World Market" supplier.
  • Provide "Superior Support and Service".
  • Be the Top Employer within our market sector.

Brand Promise

  • The corporate strength of a manufacturer is, at its heart, a direct result of the quality of its product performance. At Universal, we recognize that quality is defined by our customers and realized in the production process. 
  • We listen to our customers' requirements and strive to understand them to ensure complete satisfaction. 
  • We constantly test for variances and defects in our products and work to ensure that the sources of these problems are immediately corrected and that no defective product leaves any of our manufacturing centers.
  • We strive for continuous improvement in every aspect of our business.
  • We believe that quality is everyone's responsibility and that it cannot be compromised.