• Sextuple safety.
    • Temperature indicator.
    • Power saver.
    • Enamel with titanium 2
    • IPX 4.
  • Universal electrical water heater is completely environmental friendly by using internal stainless steel pipes and blue enamel powder which not effect on the water properties.
  • It is the most suitable device for heavy water cities by using vessel made from thick steel coated by enamel with titanium 2 plus technique, and supported by magnesium anode to enhance the device life.
  • The device add beauty and luxury to the interior design of the place, with more luxuries to facilitate using, such as the ability to control temperature, temperature indication, pilot lamp indicator .
  • The device secure the complete safety during operating with sextuple safety factors like double thermostat to prevent temperature rising above normal, double safety pressure valves to prevent internal pressure rising above normal, anti-freezing protection, and protection against humidity (IPX4).
  • The device has high efficiency in energy consumption by using polyurethane foam to keep temperature, using non-return valve to keep hot water inside tank, and provide the ability to adjust into ECO mode.
Double safety againts high pressure Yes
The vessel manufactured from thick steel to enhance the boiler life cycle Yes
Sextuple Safety Factors During Operation Yes
Double Safety Thermostat Yes
Anti-Freeze protection Yes
Protection againts humidity (IPX4) Yes
Control switch to adjust temprature Yes
Pilot lamp indicator Yes
Temperature indication Yes
Economic energy consumption Yes
High isolation from Polyurethane foaming Yes
Non-return valve to keep hot water inside boiler to save energy Yes
Power supply 220 Volt 1500 Watt
Quick heating to Reach Warm water △10˚C (for the first time) Yes (17 min)
Magnesium anode to enhance the boiler life espically in salty water cities Yes
The internal vessel coated by enamel powder with Titanium 2+inside Yes
Using Blue Enamel powder to not effect the water properaties Yes
Using Stainless steel pipes to not effect the water properaties Yes
Rated capacity 35 LT
Resistant to rust and scale formation Yes
(HxWxD) mm 415*415*686
Full warranty 2 Years
Color Blue/Azure Covers, White Body